Our Big Green...

Green is Inn at the Holiday Inn Gaithersburg!

Throughout our renovation and beyond, we are committed to the preservation and improvement of the environment for the benefit of our guests, fellow team members and the Gaithersburg community.

We have identified three key elements that are essential to our sustainability:

  • Conserve our Resources
    • Our goal is to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency in everything that we do. Over the course of the renovation we are choosing products that will reduce energy and water that we consume, such as:
      • Fluorescent and LED lighting in our building interior spaces and building signs
      • Solatube Technology for the hotel's kitchen
      • Replace guestroom showerheads and toilets with low-flow models
  • Reduce Waste and Recycle
    • We are implementing an aggressive recycling program that includes:
      • Recycling old building components, such as aluminum from our balconies and doors
      • Mattress, carpet, and wall covering recycling
      • Public area recycling bins for our guests and team members
      • Each guestroom will be equipped with recycling containers
      • The recycling of flourescent light bulbs as they are replaced
      • Implement linen-reuse program as an option for our guests
      • We are only using environmentally friendly products throughout our renovation and in the future operations of our hotel, such as:
        • Recycled material-based carpet and wall coverings
        • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint
        • Reduce the use of disposable cups and flatware throughout the hotel
  • Act Now! Learn and Lead!